Bio: When Brittany moved to Virginia in December ’12, to come live with me I was super excited. I was expecting a constant sleep over. When she finally arrived it was like old times, everything was exactly what I had hoped for. As we began talking about our dreams and things we had always wanted to do, we realized we both wanted the same things. We had always wanted to learn to surf, we had a love of the heart racing adrenaline pumping feeling you get after the ball soars through a basket. We had so many things that we wanted to do, but didn’t because we were overweight. After months of healthy diet changes and lifestyle adjustments we had a moment of clarity. If what we wanted was to have fun, what was stopping us. We began swimming, body boarding, walking, running, playing, laughing, and plain old having fun. As we started losing weight and noticing a change in our bodies, we began going to the gym to further strengthen and tone previously unused muscles. The small amount of effort at the gym paid off in a major way. We started to notice better performance outside of the gym like swimming faster. We made a promise to go out and do something, anything, every single day. As of today Brittany is down 29 pounds since she really committed to giving her work outs everything she had in June. I am down 62 pounds since I began pushing myself and making healthier choices in every aspect of my life in May. While we are not at our weight goal yet, we want to share the journey with you. We invite you to join us as we discover new activities, new places, new people and most importantly discover who we are.

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