Rain Rain Go Away, Come On Back Another Day

The weather can drastically affect your mood, what you eat, and your physical activity. It has rained every day this week preventing us from going skateboarding and running. We realized that as we approach winter we are going to have to find more creative ways to stay active indoors besides going to the gym. My astronomy professor encourages us to explore our surroundings and check out museums. We adventured to the Virginia Living museum in Newport News where we wandered around checking out the cute animals (I especially love the otters) and watched a planetarium show about the Virginia Night Sky. Something we hopefully can use on our epic camping trips to come soon. It doesn’t matter what you do, just keep moving even if it’s walking around the mall or a museum. But our greatest adventure was Rebounderz of Newport News. We were so excited because we had been talking about going here for months but because we don’t go to the other side of the water often we hadn’t yet. Rebounderz is known for their wall to wall of trampolines. I realized this is another way my weight affects what I can do. I saw others bouncing crazy high and doing amazing tricks. I wasn’t expecting it to be that exhausting but holy moly I was pouring sweat. The best part was their slam dunk trampoline. I’ve loved basketball since I was a kid but I’ve never been able to dunk. It was awesome being launched into the air lunging the ball into the hoop. I visualized Michael Jordan’s famous dunk pose. The funniest moment was the foam pit. You jump on a trampoline and flip into a foam pit, kind of like the ball pit but with foam blocks. Elsie and I both struggled to get out. We loved our experience at Rebounderz and can’t wait for Cloud 9, another trampoline park, to open closer to us. I forsee a weekly visit to a trampoline park because it was a great work out and a lot of fun. Hopefully this next week will have clear skies so we can dig our heels into the world of skateboarding!

On a side note, we will not have a video this week. We are brainstorming on how to make the video better and more interesting.


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