Our Longboarding Adventure


It’s been a crazy, busy week for me. With school starting and the temperature dropping; it all of a sudden feels like fall here. This week we were all over the place like swimming (I see my beach time coming to a tragic end soon), jogging and running, walking the dogs (and by walking the dogs I mean Brittany had to carry Betty home), and learning how to longboard.


I’ve never been a good learner. Like ever. I’m even less talented in the way of staying on top of a moving object. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Unless, that object happens to be the longboard under my feet. After the board came to a complete stop, the object in motion on top of the longboard did not, at least not until I hit the pavement. At the end of the day we had a really great time. Check out the video for a giggle or two.


I used to skateboard when I was a kid and into my teenage years, so I thought longboarding would be a piece of cake.  The difference between skateboarding and longboarding is longboards generally have bigger wheels so you can go over things on the ground without a problem, they are typically not meant for cruising. It seems lady luck wasn’t on my side, or maybe it was payback for the 80 pounds I gained since my last skateboarding experience.  I took a few falls like I almost did the splits, darn you momentum! I got some battle wounds like cutting my elbow from when I almost did the splits but that’s life if you fall back down you get back up and do it again.


Anything worth doing is going to be hard.  Overall it was a good experience (we had a good instructor, thanks Mike) and it reminded me of when I was fitter. Not being able to do something as simple as longboard motivates me to want to do it better, to lose the weight, to work on my balance and so many other things.


For a moment I imagined I was surfing, I imagined that it would be very similar to longboarding. You carve, aka lean to one side of the other to turn, something I’ve watched surfers do while surfing. So I am on a mission to conquer longboarding before next summer when I go to surf camp. After a couple days of practicing I already could see an improvement. I feel like when I try new things I am moving a little more out of my comfort zone which has always been a daunting task for me. If I can do it, you can do it! I got your back!





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